I am a Doctoral candidate in political science and a masters student in statistics at UCLA.  I specialize in the fields of political behavior, media, experiments and social networks.  A pdf copy of my vita is here.  My Google Scholar Profile is here.

My recent work has been featured in The Economist, The Washington Post, The Monkey Cage Blog, The American Prospect and UCLA Magazine.

Contact Information

Email: mlacour87@ucla.edu

Phone: 281-734-0165

Google Scholar Profile

Curriculum Vitae 

Research Articles:

  1. 1.LaCour, Michael J. and Donald P. Green. Messages, Messengers and Diffusion of Support For Gay Equality: Results From Two Longitudinal Experiments.”

  2. 2.LaCour, Michael J.  “A Balanced News Diet, Not Selective Exposure: Results From Erie To Arbitron.

  3. Featured in: The Economist, The Washington Post, The American Prospect

  4. 3.LaCour, Michael J. and Lynn Vavreck. “Improving Media Measurement: Evidence From The Field”  Forthcoming, Political Communication.

  5. 4.Jackman, Simon, Michael J. LaCour, Jeffrey B. Lewis and Lynn Vavreck. “Digital Fingerprints: Media  Measurements for the 21st Century.”

  6. Featured in: YouGov Model Politics.

  7. 5.LaCour, Michael J. “Experimental Effects of Changing Information Technologies on News Consumption, Political Knowledge and Political Participation. 

  8. Featured in: UCLA Magazine.

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